Sit In Kayaks

All of our team paddle touring kayaks or sea kayaks of some kind.  This is our primary area of expertise. These kayaks whether they are sit in or SOT are relatively lean and fast, while the sea kayaks in particular are designed for longer distance and open ocean paddling.


C-Kayak are an Australian company focusing on what Australians want and need. We make sure we have an active role in the development of most of our products.

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Below are listed some of our bestselling touring and sea kayaks.  For our full range including pricelists please visit our Online Catalogue





The Santee 116 is a rare find in recreational kayaks, as it offers outstanding stability without sacrificing the ability to turn easily and track well.The Swede-form design, coupled with the crisp entry lines of the Santee 116 bow, make this kayak more efficient than other kayaks in its class. This means you’ll cruise the rivers, backwaters and lakes with less effort, while still feeling stable and comfortable. The Santee 116 has front and rear hatches with sealed bulkheads for superior floatation and convenient storage for your day tripping. It is a pleasure to paddle for beginners and experienced paddlers alike.


santee 116




Our newest kayak helps complete the Santee sport kayak family…with style.  The 126 redefines the recreational category for efficiency, glide and tracking. And we increased the capacity and room for a gentle fit and comfort, without compromising the weight. You wanna get aggressive? Go ahead. The 126’s multi-chined hull lets you lean into some serious turns. The fully adjustable seat system—a staple in the Santee lineup—will let you enjoy the water longer, in comfort. The Santee 126 also features some sweet new deck lines for some added style and stability. We even included a convenient paddle holder and rear deck security bar so you can keep the 126 safe and sound.


santee 126




With its wide and stable double-arch hull design and roomy cockpit, the Quest 9.5 is the boat of choice for an exciting afternoon on the lake! The hull grooves are responsible for its tracking qualities and the great durability the Quest series is known for, while its short length keeps it manoeuvrable and makes it easy to load on a vehicle. FEATURES: Contour Fit outfitting, Quick-lock adjustable footbraces, Rear bulkhead, Dual-density hatch cover, Fore deck shock cord storage Drainplug.
quest 9.5
With its famous Greenland bow and arched multi-chine hull, the Quest makes paddling effortless and exciting. A wide outline combined with a fine waterline make it stable yet with a lively feel. It will allow you to safely lean on edge and style high and low-brace turns, while its roomy cockpit will let you stretch and enjoy the sun if you simply don’t feel like pushing it! FEATURES: Contour Fit outfitting, Quick-lock adjustable foot braces, Rear bulkhead, 10” sealed deckplate, Foredeck shock cord storage and Drainplug.
quest 10



Low on the water, the stable and agile Edge 11 literally feels like a shrunk-down sea kayak. Thanks to its progressive chine and a generous, yet sleek outline. The integrated keel makes its hull stiff and the skeg lets it focus on destination, while the front deck rigging and rear watertight compartment take care of your belongings.


edge 11




With its slender bow and slim deck profile, the rudder-equipped Edge 14.5 is where elegance and efficiency cross paths: it has just the right amount of chine and keel to make it track well, yet has a swift and versatile character. And to top it all off, it has most of the features serious sea kayaks call their own.


edge 14



The Enduro 14  is the largest of the Riot Enduro series. With a huge cockpit this kayak is suitable for larger paddlers wanting something fast and efficent yet with great stability.


enduro 14




A fantastic little recreational / touring kayak with great stability and beautiful lines giving it perfect tracking.

Large cockpit for ease of access, even for larger paddlers and high deck so that your legs are comfortable while paddling and so to dispel excess chop.  Suitable for day trips and medium-distance touring.  Introductory price = Unbeatable value for money.




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Fishing Kayaks

Kayak fishing is one of the fastest growing sports in Australia.  We have embraced this trend and are proud to offer the largest range of fishing kayaks in the country.  Our range includes recreational SOT fishing kayaks, sit in fishing kayaks and serious open ocean fishing kayaks, such as the Kaskazi kayaks.


Below are listed some of our bestselling fishing kayaks.  For our full range please visit our Online Catalogue




Scorpio Terrapin SOT Fishing Kayak

Fully equipped little fishing kayak at a price that won't break the bank.

What a little beauty!  This kayak offers the keen kayak fisherman all the features of an expensive fishing kayak but at a fraction of the cost.


Features includes the FOUR flush-mounted rod holders, swivel rod holder in the middle and two large storage hatches.


The Terrapin is extremely stable and has a well-defined keel for excellent tracking (easy to keep it on a straight course).  Suitable for kids and larger paddlers up to 130Kg.










 Current Price: Scorpio Terrapin



Cobra Fish n Dive Evolution Superlight SOT Kayak


Be one of the first in Australia to own a super lightweight Cobra fishing kayak.


Following the successful launch of the PLAY and TANDEM SLS kayaks earlier in 2014 Cobra will roll-out additional SLS models over the following seasons.


First out of the ovens is the Fish n Dive, the bestselling fishing/diving combo kayak on the market today.


The weight of the Fish n Dive Evo has come down to around 22kg, a dramatic reduction from the 30kg+ standard model, and about 20kg lighter than similar sized kayaks in many other brands.


The SLS features the standard tough Cobra outer poly skin with Cobra “Feather Cell” technology inside.


This means the best combination of toughness and low weight.  So kayak fishermen, no more breaking your back to load your fishing kayak onto the roof of your car, or expensive loading devices!








Fish n Dive Evo3.8m91cm22kg272kg


 Current Price: Cobra Fish n Dive Superlight



Scorpio Terrapin XL SOT Fishing Kayak

Large fishing kayak for the bigger fisherman or just wanting something a bit faster and more efficient than the Terrapin. The centre console provides a great storage option for all your small fishing accessories.  This can also be enlarged if you are wanting to store larger items in the centre console.



  • Centre Console with hatch that is Scotty or Ram Rod holder ready
  • Hinged oval front hatch
  • Side carry handles & paddle park
  • 2 flush rod holders
  • Drink Holder & scupper plugs
  • Large rear well
  • Comes standard with adjustable rudder

Seat pictures is optional extra.








Terrapin XL3.85m75cm28kg180kg


 Current Price:  Scorpio Terrapin XL



Cobra Navigator SOT Fishing Kayak

Looking for something a bit more up-market than the Terrapin or Terrapin XL..


The Cobra Navigator incorporates many of the same features as the time tested and performance proven Cobra Explorer, but is faster, sleeker and longer.


The Cobra Navigators increased cockpit length accommodates the taller paddler comfortably and it is stable, fast and tracks incredibly well...a great combination for all around fun.


Price includes 10" round hatch with tub.  Seat, paddle and "A" hatch on the bow are optional extras











 Current Price: Cobra Navigator